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Other Uses

There are many other uses for AirClipz as you will find out. Two of the most popular are for iPad use in the car and iPad use in the kitchen.

Now you can use your iPad, smartphone or mobile device safely at home in the kitchen or in the car with AirClipZ. AirClipz is perfect for the kitchen because you can place the clips on cabinets and view recipes or other videos and pictures while you cook without taking up valuable counter space! AirClipZ can mount direcetly on any kitchen pantry cabininet or cupboard door. This places youe iPad at eye level for easier viewing of your favorite recipes and cooking sites.

For iPad use in the car simply place the optional velcro strap around the headrest and slide the AirClipz in and you have a perfect place for the kids to view a movie or game on an iPad. The velcro strap is easily adjustable to fit most any headrest.

Contact us for more information about the many other uses of AirClipZ.