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WOW! What an eye opener when I spotted 4 people struggling with their iPad setting it up on the tray table on a flight from LA to Maui. One was using a neck pillow, another a couple of magazines.

You should have seen there faces when they noticed my iPad was hanging from the tray table in the closed position. Out-of-the-way and super convenient.  They all asked me where in the world I got the clips I was using.

I directed them to the website and I am sure they all have purchased the AirClipZ's for themselves and have told many friends and family about them.

I will be posting reviews here as well and invite everyone to join in the blog.

Maybe you have discovered other ways to use the AirClipZ's.  We would love to hear about your ideas.

One thing I really like about them is the size and convenience of carrying them in your pocket.  Small and compact, they take up very little room.  You can even use them on top of the tray table in the open position too!

Since the early days, I have had many inquiry's on the flights I have been on when using my AirClipZ's.  From passengers, to flight attendants.  They all want a set.  I should carry a couple of dozen whenever I fly!  hahahhhah

Tell me your stories about people noticing you when you use your AirClipZ's...




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