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iPad Accessories, Smartphone Accessories, Digital Tablet Accessories

Tablet, iPad in Merrimack, NH

Don’t take chances with your iPad or mobile device on an airplane, in a car or in the kitchen. Order your AirClipz and accessories now for a simple, easy and more comfortable way to use your iPad on an airplane, in a car or in the kitchen! Choose AirClipZ for a safer way to use your iPad or mobile device in a cramped area with our iPad, smartphone, and digital tablet accessories.

About Our Accessories

• No Assembly Required
• Lightweight & Durable Construction           • Simple to Use                                             • Easy to carry

• Available in Blue, Pink, White, & coming soon Black
• Sliding Tilt Adjustment Allows for Custom Viewing Angles
• Convienent drawstring carry bag                                                         • Velcro strap for use in car on headrest


Regular Use

AirClipZ mounts directly on the airplane seat back tray table, but if you need to bring the tray table down to do some work or just eat a snack, you may be able to mount your iPad on the back of the seat  or just use the AirClipZ as a stand for your iPad, smartphone or mobile device.. Tray table space is limited on an airplane, leaving little room for your iPad or other mobile device. By utilizing either one of these methods you have plenty of room to enjoy an in-flight snack as you get online, watch a movie or play a game. AirClipZ accessories works with the Samsung Galaxy and Kindle products, too!

Don’t Forget Our Carry Bag and Headrest Strap

When you’re not using your AIrClipz, carry them in one of our drawstring carry bags. Each bag is available in black and measures 4” x 7”.

Other Uses

When your on a trip in your car, truck or SUV place the velcro strap around either the driver or passenger headrest and mount your device from the strap with your AirClipZ for easy and comfortable viewing in the backset. The kids will love it!

Don't take up valuable counter space in the kitchen. Mount your iPad on a kitchen pantry or cupbaord door with AirClipZ. Now it's at eye level and so much more comfortable to use!

AirClipZ accessories works with the Samsung Galaxy and Kindle products, too!

Contact us for more information about our iPad, smartphone and mobile device accessories for airplane and car travel.